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The Bialowieza Forest situated on the border of Poland and Belarus is the last remaining natural lowland forest in Europe.

It is abundant in wildlife, especially on the Polish side, and is home to lynxes, wolves as well as European bison whose history is closely related to the struggle for the forest's conservation.

Take action now and help save Europe's oldest lowland forest

Unfortunately, the natural wealth and reputation of this unique place have not ensured its effective protection, with only 17% of the Polish area protected as a national park. The rest is subject to the logging of old trees - an enormous threat to the natural harmony of the forest and the survival of its wildlife.

If this exploitation continues it soon may be too late! Help us save this truly special place by signing our petition demanding that the national park is extended to cover the whole area of the Bialowieza Forest in Poland


WWF International

P.S. The more people who take action, the greater the chance we have of preserving the forest. So please forward this email to your friends and family and ask for their support.

The Bialowieza Forest
The forest houses a vast treasure trove of different species: thousands of plants, hundreds of birds - including all European woodpecker species - and more than 50 types of mammal.

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